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Welcome to the most extensive online database, offering household goods. To buy a carpet on the floor in online store. This is more convenient than looking for selling carpet shop, circling them one by one: here all categories of carpets you can choose to browse the catalog online. Compare prices, determine the delivery, if necessary, and directly on the website to make a preliminary calculation. Rugs for cheap online store. Discounts, promotions and sales help to customers to save money. To buy a carpet can be expensive for a few minutes.

The structure of the carpet

The basis of the carpet are natural or artificial felt, jute, latex (latex rubber). Sale of carpets online store. All this is fixed by another layer, the primary base is applied. Pile-this is the top layer, consisting of many knots, the density of which on the square decimeter determines the density of the coating and affects its weight.

Versed in carpet

Carpet — rolled material with a raw edge. You do not need to be a professional in manufacturing technology, to distinguish woven from tufted to scroll through the catalog. Layman enough of these indicators: the height of the pile. Carpet price per meter. For places with high traffic (stairs), it should be minimal, for the children's room can be covered with a higher, softer pile. Basis. Adhesive or rubber where anti-slip properties are important. More simple and "breathable" where a lot of people gather, such as carpet on the floor in the living room. Anti-static properties. Desirable in any case. Then the pile of carpet repels dirt and dust, cleaning becomes easier and even stains do not penetrate into the fabric of the base so much. Material. If the composition of the carpet more than 15-20% natural wool, it is considered a natural carpet, respectively, increases the price. Meanwhile, synthetics are much less likely to cause allergic reactions. Wool is heavier, stronger absorbent, in comparison with acrylic. Production of silk carpet-a rarity. Carpet coverings for the house. The client seeks inexpensive to buy for the apartment or the house a qualitative covering. A huge number of manufacturers and large construction networks have mastered Internet sales. There is a choice. But there are a few tricks that relate, rather, to design. Take on Board.

Too bright and too dark carpets look good in the apartments, but they show every speck of dust and lint. Ornament, pattern, light padding for carpeting stencil will mask the contamination. High density of the pile means that the coating will be more difficult to deform, and under its own weight it will quickly settle on the floor, will spread the creases or folds that arose during transportation. Floor covering carpet. Wool carpet-a kind of humidity regulator in the room, it takes the excess from the air and gives the moisture back as soon as the atmosphere becomes too dry: dry cleaning of the coating is 25% more expensive than synthetic, it needs special tools. And, of course, neither in the kitchen nor in the bathroom carpet, even polypropylene, is not necessary to lay. Such floor covering does not belong to moisture resistant! Rugs for cheap online store. And, finally: count the necessary area of carpet with a margin of not less than 10%: on the installation in the corners, under the battery, and for rooms with complex broken perimeter add a couple of meters to trim. You can now buy the right amount of carpet for the room.

  1. Go to the database with catalogs and calculate in a special calculator the total cost;
  2. Select a payment system;
  3. Enter details;
  4. A specialist will call you after prepayment;
  5. The goods are delivered

How to buy carpet?

The Store usually sells from a warehouse, where the whole range in stock, but on order too, can bring, for example, if you run out of rolls of a specific color. Correctly filling in the fields in the online application form, you can specify the phone number for feedback to the seller called and notified when the desired product will arrive. Buy Palace on the floor. If the carpet can be bought now, do not forget to write in the form of the delivery address, at the same time decide whether to invite experts for laying you purchased flooring. Beautiful, comfortable "clothing" for the floor in your home or apartment, easy and simple to order via the Internet! Carpet for any home!

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